Online training

Network Capacity Planning

30 days to complete the course


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The Capacity Planning Module provides background theory on capacity definitions and requirements. It also covers grade of service, quality of service, service types, subscriber mix, and capacity limits. It includes a chapter on how to design for specific user profiles in iBwave Design and run maps to validate the capacity requirements. Workshops and Webinars on Capacity are included for extra learning material.

Course syllabus


  • Capacity Background
  • Grade of Service / Quality of Service
  • User Profiles
  • Capacity Limits
  • Sample Capacity Calculations
    • GSM
    • LTE


  • Capacity Planning Process
  • Capacity Definition (Template)
    • Market Share (Cellular and Wi-Fi Technologies)
    • Usage Profile
    • Subscriber Service
  • Capacity Requirements (Project-specific)
    • Requirements
    • Sector Limits
    • Capacity Zones
  • Creating Capacity Maps
  • Probe Analysis for Cellular and Wi-Fi Systems
  • Capacity Planning Exercises for Office Environments


  • Set Capacity Criteria Based on Given Assumptions
  • Set Number of Spectators, Usage Profiles and Subscriber Settings
  • Determine Data Rate (Throughput for Cellular)
  • Use Capacity Maps for Analysis and Design Validation
  • Modify Network Design to Provide Adequate Capacity


  • HetNet Capacity Planning Demo
  • How to Design High Capacity Wi-Fi Networks
  • iBwave Wi-Fi® Capacity Planning Demo
  • iBwave Wi-Fi® Capacity Planning Demo – Portuguese Version
  • iBwave Wi-Fi® Capacity Planning Demo – Spanish Version

Online training

Network Capacity Planning

30 days to complete the course

Training Includes:
  • 30-day trial license
  • 30-day access upon activation
  • 3 hour Online Training on Capacity Planning and Analysis with iBwave Design
  • Training bundle includes Webinars on:
    • HetNet Capacity Planning
    • How to Design High Capacity Wi-Fi Networks
    • Wi-Fi Capacity Planning Demonstrations in English, Portuguese and Spanish

Student Manual not included


Level 2 or equivalent skill set (knowledge of how to run predictions using the propagation and optimization modules).


Important notice: You have up to 6 months to activate the course.

This course is included in the Level 3 certification. Please do not register if you have already completed, or currently enrolled in Level 3 certification.

Training to be completed through the Learning Center.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I contact iBwave for support during the online training program?

Training support is provided from Monday to Friday, between 9AM and 5PM EST – contact Training.

Limited support for license issues and course extensions are provided on Saturday and Sunday, and Monday to Friday between 5PM and 9AM EST – contact (emails will be addressed within 24 hours)

What is the refund policy?

All iBwave online courses are non‑refundable. For any additional information regarding the terms and conditions, please read our certification courses policies.

How much time is available to access the online training?

Once activated, the online courses are available for 30 days.

Do we have access to an electronic copy of the student manual?

An online training manual is included in the Learning Center for the Small Cells and In‑Building Fundamentals course.

This online manual is available for 1 year from date of course activation.