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Capacity Planning


Capacity planning in iBwave Design
Capacity planning in iBwave Design
Capacity planning in iBwave Design
Capacity planning in iBwave Design
Capacity workshop
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The Capacity Planning Module provides background theory on capacity definitions and requirements. It also covers grade of service, quality of service, service types, subscriber mix, and capacity limits. It includes a chapter on how to design for specific user profiles in iBwave Design and run maps to validate the capacity requirements. Workshops and Webinars on Capacity are included for extra learning material.

Note: This course is included in the Level 3 certification. Please do not register if you have already completed, or currently enrolled in Level 3 certification.

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Capacity Planning Theory
  • Capacity Background
  • Grade of Service / Quality of Service
  • User Profiles
  • Capacity Limits
  • Sample Capacity Calculations
    • GSM
    • LTE
Capacity Planning in iBwave Design Enterprise
  • Capacity Planning Process
  • Capacity Definition (Template)
    • Market Share (Cellular and Wi‑Fi Technologies)
    • Usage Profile
    • Subscriber Service
  • Capacity Requirements (Project‑specific)
    • Requirements
    • Sector Limits
    • Capacity Zones
  • Creating Capacity Maps
  • Probe Analysis for Cellular and Wi‑Fi Systems
  • Capacity Planning Exercises for Office Environments
Workshop - Capacity Planning for Stadium Environments
  • Set Capacity Criteria Based on Given Assumptions
  • Set Number of Spectators, Usage Profiles and Subscriber Settings
  • Determine Data Rate (Throughput for Cellular)
  • Use Capacity Maps for Analysis and Design Validation
  • Modify Network Design to Provide Adequate Capacity
Capacity Webinars
  • HetNet Capacity Planning Demo
  • How to Design High Capacity Wi‑Fi Networks
  • iBwave Wi‑Fi® Capacity Planning Demo
  • iBwave Wi‑Fi® Capacity Planning Demo - Portuguese Version
  • iBwave Wi‑Fi® Capacity Planning Demo - Spanish Version
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