A single solution to design CBRS and Wi-Fi networks you can rely on.

iBwave Private Networks is the simplest and most reliable solution to plan, design and deliver high-performance CBRS and Wi‑Fi networks.

This software comes with either Wi‑Fi only solution or as a CBRS and Wi‑Fi solution to give you complete flexibility.

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The simplest way to survey private networks

iBwave Mobile Survey gives you a simple and seamless way to survey both Wi‑Fi and Cellular networks at the same time with only your Android mobile device – no additional equipment or software needed. Simply use your phone or tablet on‑site to collect Wi‑Fi survey data as well as Cellular data (2G, 3G or LTE) simultaneously.

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Plan, design and propose public safety networks that building owners and AHJs will approve

iBwave Public Safety is the established standard to design reliable public safety networks with proper documentation while saving time and costs.

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Wi-Fi & CBRS network planning and design

Robust solution to perform active and passive surveys, design and validate Wi-Fi & CBRS networks. The most productive and collaborative way to work on Wi-Fi & CBRS networks.

iBwave Private Networks

PC software to design CBRS & Wi‑Fi private networks

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iBwave Wi‑Fi® Mobile

Site survey and Wi‑Fi network design app

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Public Safety network planning and design

Design Public Safety networks and simulate network performance for greenfield or existing buildings, and accelerates the approval process with building owners and AHJs by presenting detailed standardized documentation.

iBwave Public Safety

PC software to design Public Safety networks

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Site surveys, Small Cells & Wi-Fi designs

Simplify your site survey toolkit. Accurate network designs start with accurate site survey information.

iBwave Mobile Planner

Site survey and network design app

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iBwave Mobile Survey

Site survey and network design app

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